Finishing a thought from today's Game Thread

In today's Game Thread I said this:

It seems like the bench rotation changes game to game, and severely so. Rob Wilson, Bruesewitz, Berggren, Evans and Jarmusz all seem to be 20 minute guys one game and completely absent the next.

Those numbers are easy enough to find, and (with a Brewer rainout today) I had some time on my hands, so here's a quick view:

(These numbers don't include today's game)

Rob Wilson: Averaging 12.7 minutes per game

DNPs: 2 games
1-5 minutes: 6 games
6-10 minutes: 3 games
11-15 minutes: 7 games
16-20 minutes: 7 games
21 or more minutes: 3 games

Ryan Evans: Averaging 12.7 minutes per game

DNPs: None
1-5 minutes: 3 games
6-10 minutes: 7 games
11-15 minutes: 8 games
16-20 minutes: 8 games
21 or more minutes: 3 games

Mike Bruesewitz: Averaging 8 minutes per game

DNPs: 5 games
1-5 minutes: 10 games
6-10 minutes: 8 games
11-15 minutes: 3 games
16-20 minutes: 2 games
21 or more minutes: 2 games

It seems like the disparity I remembered is pretty accurate for Wilson. For Evans and Brusewitz it's a little less severe, but still present.

At any rate, between these three players there have been 26 "outlier" games, games where one of these three played roughly ten minutes more or less than their season average. I'm wondering if that affects the team's ability to stay in sync on offense, since each game seems to have a new mix of contributors.

Your thoughts?

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