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Camp Randall Classic Countdown: 4 Days to Outdoor Hockey


I mentioned yesterday that I assumed they would do something about making the stadium look more like a hockey venue. Apparently Mother Nature did that for them.

Seeing as how I'm about to make the drive up to Madison from Chicago for tonight's basketball game, I'm not really enjoying the site of all that snow, but this is how Camp Randall Stadium looks this morning as of 10:37 a.m. Central Time. You can check out the live web Camp Randall web cam here.

Daily weather update

Currently: 28 F, Light snow

Saturday's forecast: 24 F, Few snow showers

As expected, the Badgers fell to No. 3 in the rankings, receiving one first place vote. Michigan moves up to No. 19 so both teams will be ranked Saturday.

The Camp Randall Classic created quite a scheduling quirk for the Wolverines. Michigan plays at Bowling Green Thursday night before visiting Madison Saturday. Since college hockey teams mostly play weekend series on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, that alone is a little weird, but Michigan will also make a return trip to Bowling Green Tuesday night to finish up the two-game set.

Wisconsin does not play a second game this weekend so give the scheduling edge to the Badgers.