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Badger Bits: Watt keeps hometown in mind

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Just in case you needed anymore stories to confirm: Wisconsin defensive end J.J. Watt is not only a great football player, but a good guy off the field too, according to Tom Mulhern of Despite his growing noteriety around Wisconsin and his rising national name recognition, Watt tries to keep it all in perspective and remember where he came from.

"I feel like I should go back and support everything I did," Watt said. "I started in fifth-grade football and worked my way up. I wanted to go back and show those fifth-graders, ‘Hey I made it. Hard work can take you wherever you want to go, too.' Because there were people my whole life, telling me I couldn't do it, I couldn't make it.'

Honestly, its great to see Watt get this kind of respect and national attention. Watt has had a very unique story, and for his attitude alone he deserves every accolade he gets. If Watt decides to go pro after this season, I'm sure that I won't be alone in missing him. But even if he leaves, I'm sure that he'll represent the Badgers in the best way possible no matter what.

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If you didn't catch the game last night, here is's recap of the Badgers' 68-60 win over our rodent-loving neighbors to the west.

No news so far when it comes to the Badgers' rotation at running back. Ball is first in line, followed by White and Clay. Obviously this is not final, but it looks like all three will factor into the game on Saturday.

Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes that linebacker Mike Taylor and safety Aaron Henry left no doubts about their playing ability on the field in 2010. Taylor recovered well from a torn ACL and Henry made a smooth transition to safety from cornerback.

Rest assured, according to Tom Mulhern of, kicker Phillip Welch knows that his legacy at Wisconsin could come down to one kick in the Granddaddy of Them All.

Wisconsin is keeping the pedal down when it comes to practicing for the Rose Bowl, according to Adam Rittenberg of

According to Tom Mulhern, a new description of the Wisconsin vs. TCU Rose Bowl game: This Saturday it will be a Ferrari vs. a Dump Truck. Guess which one represents the Badgers.

Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst is dismissing the speculation that he is a candidate for a job at Texas.

And don't worry Badger fans, Wisconsin's smash-mouth style of football isn't going away any time soon, according to Mulhern.

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