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Badger Bits: John Clay healthy and ready for Pasadena

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Junior running back and 2009 Big Ten offensive player of the year John Clay quickly became an afterthought in the Wisconsin Badger backfield after he suffered a MCL injury November 6th against Purdue. That can happen when your backups (in this case, Montee Ball and James White) combine for over 1000 yards and 17 touchdowns in your absence. Clay did return in the 4th quarter against Northwestern, but only managed to scrape out seven yards on four carries. Jeff Potrykus reports that Clay is still wearing a brace on the knee, but will ditch it in Pasadena. Clay sounds like a player hungry to prove himself on the big stage of Pasadena, as many fans have already forgotten his back-to-back solid performances in crucial games against Ohio State and Iowa (follow the jump):

"I feel good, just about 100%," Clay said. "I'm just wearing this for precautionary reasons. When we go out to California, I'm taking it off."

"I just want to show the coaches that I'm back to how I was, even better," he said. "Show them I'm back to cutting like I used to and can break away."

"Montee and James have been doing a heck of a job. I've got to fight for my spot back and show them that I still can be the No. 1 guy.

So which back of the three is the best? Watch this video and then vote in the poll:

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