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Your sports coverage, brought to you by technology

This is the second of a three-part series sponsored by Samsung involving the use of technology in sports.

Fifteen years ago -- heck, 10 years ago -- did you ever believe you would be able to watch as many games on one Saturday as you can today?

Between hundreds of channels, subscription packages and games streaming online, you can watch almost any game played at numerous levels of college football every week.

And I haven't even mentioned the impact of the DVR yet.

Every week before I head out to wherever the Badgers are playing, I grab my remote and record the Badger game, the game involving the next Wisconsin opponent and any other meaningful game footage I might have to sift through during the week.

I record College Football Live on ESPN every day. I record most, if not all of the Big Ten Network's shows each week.

Considering that 10 years ago you had to pray to see a replay of a key play you missed while grabbing another beer, we have come a long way. I really would not be able to do my job today without a DVR.

I hate to complain about being able to watch games from the press box, but I've always thought the best way to soak in every aspect of a football game is to watch it on television with a DVR and a laptop in front of you. Of course, doing that wouldn't allow me to get immediate reaction from the players and coaches after the game. I have to be in the press box each week.

And that's exactly why I clutter my DVR with hours and hours of football each week. Every Sunday I re-watch the Badger game and put together my weekly Monday Film Session. Then I go through the next opponent's previous game and watch all the recap shows on BTN to catch up on the rest of the conference so I can do my work for the 670 The Score. It helps that work on "Behind the Schemes" for the Big Ten Network.

But none of this would be possible without technology. None of it. I often wonder what it was like covering a team before fans had so much access to every play from every game.

On one hand it was much harder to follow games and catch every detail. But on the other hand, it's more competitive today because there are more outlets reporting the news and it's more important to get stories published in a timely manner.

This is the ever evolving world of technology we live in. And for those who love sports, it's only going to get better and better.