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Badger Bits: Defense buckles down for next opponents

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You know what I think would make your Wednesday better? Some Badger news.

Defensive line coach Charlie Partridge emphasizes "changing the math" to his players in practice, according to Mike Lucas of With spread offenses looming on the rest of the schedule, Partidge says that its more important than ever to play fundamentally sound football so that his line can "change the math" of plays:

"We like to write on the white board: defeat a block, change the math, get involved in some plays through your job," Partridge said. "We use that phrase a lot. In other words, beat a block, and don't allow them to block up to who they want. Get rid of the blocker, and change the math."

Partridge then explains how different members of his squad have improved, and talks about how defensive end J.J. Watt has responded to the increased media attention:

"Sometimes you don’t’ realize how strong of an effect it can have – all the potential distractions, all the people who are trying to contact you and really get a piece of you. I don’t think anyone can understand until you’re in it. We’ve warned him that this could potentially happen, and now that it’s happening, he’s handling it the right way."

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Defensive tackle Ethan Hemer stepped up in place of Jordan Kohout, according to Tom Mulhern of

Freshman running back James White has been limited in practice, and tight end Lance Kendricks' sprained ankle is still bothering him, according to White is expected to miss this Saturday's game with Purdue, but Kendricks could still see action.

Jeff Potrkyus of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel continues his game previews by giving Badger fans the book on Purdue.

Wisconsin defensive coordinator Dave Doeren says that he always wants his defense to finish the season better than they started, according to Mulhern.


Dennis Punzel writes that the Wisconsin women's basketball team has grown into a family for the team's four graduating seniors.

In Conclusion

3 days until Wisconsin vs. Purdue!