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Buckeyes slightly close gap on Badgers in BCS

This week's BCS standings are out a little early and the Badgers are still ranked No. 7. But what stands out more is that Ohio State moved up to No. 8 -- by virtue of Nebraska's loss -- and closed the gap on Wisconsin by a mere .0044 percentage points.

It's interesting that Ohio State closed the gap at all, because Wisconsin actually gained percentage points on Ohio State in both the Harris Poll and the coaches' poll. That means the annoying computers are working against Wisconsin again.

Both the Buckeyes and Badgers actually made great strides in the computers this week, but Ohio State's improvement was a little more significant. Wisconsin's average computer ranking went from 12 to eight while Ohio State's went from 13 to nine. But while Wisconsin's computer percentage points went from .5700 to .6800, OSU's went from .5000 to .6400, which accounts for the Buckeyes slightly closing the gap overall.

Why did the computers like Ohio State's narrow victory at Iowa more than Wisconsin's blowout win at Michigan when the Wolverines and Hawkeyes have the same overall record? Who knows?

But one thing is obvious: The unpredictable and confusing computers are going to decide which team is ranked higher in the final BCS standings released Dec. 5 and that has to make the Badgers and their fans feel uneasy.