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Badger Bits: Lesson learned?

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Well, I'm very sick of all this talk about running up the score, so I only have one link about the "controversy" for you today, and that's it. I promise!

Moving on to more important matters: the Badgers will travel to Ann Arbor, Michigan over the weekend. Just in case you weren't aware: the Badgers have not had much success in the Big House recently, including a crushing 27-25 loss in 2008. However, Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel thinks that the Badgers have learned important lessons from their previous failures.

Despite their previous struggles, Bret Bielema is confident that his team has learned how to win on the road after their loss to Michigan State this year, and their heart breaking loss in 2008:

"The Michigan State game happened for a reason, whatever it was. We had to learn from that day. If we just left everything in East Lansing, we'd never be where we are today."

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The Badgers are well aware of Michigan's love- and mostly hate relationship with turnovers, according to Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

According to Tom Mulhern of, Wisconsin is going to face a big challenge when they travel to the Big House this Saturday- and will be fighting history. The Badgers haven't won in Ann Arbor since 1994.

Mulhern also writes that one of the biggest keys to the season for the Badgers their decreased number of fumbles.

Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez says that his team is focused on the upcoming game with the Badgers, despite the always-present discussion of the Ohio State-Michigan game, which will be played next week.

I swear that this is the last link I am going to post about the Badger's offensive explosion on Saturday, but's Adam Rittenberg has come to Bret Bielema's defense about a potential double standard in college football.


The Wisconsin hockey team has signed five recruits for the 2011-2012 season, according to


The Badgers moved to 2-0 on the season last night after a 85-53 win over North Dakota. Jon Leuer had 22 points and six rebounds, and Keaton Nankivil was close behind for the team lead with 17 points of his own.

In Conclusion

3 days until the Badgers invade Ann Arbor!