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Badger Bits: John Clay may miss Michigan game

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Junior running back John Clay may miss his second straight game this weekend, as he is still struggling with the strained MCL injury he suffered against Purdue. Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel also reports that Bill Nagy will likely fiil in for Peter Konz at center for the second straight game, though Konz will likely be back this week in a reserve role. Personally, I won't be too worried if Clay is out again. James White and Montee Ball look to have things well under control, and Michigan's rush defense this season isn't anything to write home about.

Tom Mulhern of provides us with a few interesting quotes. The first is from Bret Bielema regarding the possibility of a three-headed monster in the backfield once Clay returns: When that situation does pop up, whether it’s in the next game or in the bowl game opportunity, it’s something you’ve got to be smart about when and how you use them. I think it’s hard to get three guys in rhythm, all the way through, but you could definitely go a strong two and a third one comes in (as needed). My opinion is if Wisconsin can get all three healthy at the same time, White and Clay should get the bulk of the carries, while Ball should get some reps at wideout.

Senior cornerback James Rogers at Michigan makes a guarantee regarding Wisconsin's offense: "I guarantee they’re not going to score 83 points on us." Way to go out on a limb there, James.

One more quote, this time from senior tackle Gabe Carimi: "The BCS standings for me are so confusing, all I know is we just have to keep winning games." Gabe's statement without player speak: "The BCS sucks, those dumb computers have us way too low. Heck, some of the computers have Ohio State over the Badgers. Not only did we beat the Buckeyes, but Ohio State hasn't proven anything this season. Their best win is against a mediocre Miami team. All I know is we can win all of our remaining games and still get screwed by the BCS in the end." Alright, so Carimi didn't say that, but we know that's what he's thinking.

Tuesday Top Five: Places to watch Saturday's Wisconsin at Michigan battle

1. Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, MI - This has not been a fun venue for Wisconsin players and fans over the years, but our Badgers could definitely use the fan support on Saturday. Plus, nothing beats a first-hand view of an important Big Ten football matchup in November.

2. Your favorite watering hole - Whether it be Jordan's Big Ten Pub, The Stadium Bar, or your local corner bar, there's much fun to be had in gathering together with fellow Wisconsin Badger fans and rooting on Bucky to a victory.

3. Your house/condominium/apartment/dorm room - Especially if you have a nice big flat screen TV.

4. Friend's house/condominium/apartment/dorm room - Just like watching at your house, but this time you get free food.

5. Tim Brewster's house/condominium/apartment/dorm room - Although Tim Brewster will be occupying a spot on the couch, there should be room there somewhere for you too. Will Timmy root against hated Bret Bielema or does he want Rich Rod to join him in the unemployment line? All I know is, Play4Brew!

More Links:

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany sits down with's Mike Lucas to talk Big Ten matters directly affecting Wisconsin. Check out both the video and the article.

Bret Bielema joined Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio this morning to defend himself against the charges of running up the score made yesterday by the two hosts. Mike Golic is still convinced no passes should be thrown in a blowout game, no matter the down and distance.

The BCS is why the Badgers should have tried to score 100 points, says Dan Wetzel of the Death To The BCS blog. I don't completely agree with his argument- I feel the bigger culprit is the Big Ten's poor decision to use the BCS rankings as a Rose Bowl tiebreaker.

(Considering the two stories above, whether or not you believe Bielema ran up the score, Saturday's result is still giving Wisconsin extra media coverage, which is my mind is not a bad thing.)

Maggie DeGroot at The Daily Cardinal reports that the Joint Southeast Campus Area Committee unanimously recommended plans for a new ice hockey and swimming facility located adjacent to the Kohl Center.

Read about the perils of having to be Bucky Badger last Saturday.

Larry Lage of the Los Angeles Times writes that Michigan is looking for upsets in their final two games. Seems to me some of the Wolverines might be looking ahead to Ohio State.

North by Northwestern has some Big Ten power rankings for this week, and the Badgers are at the top.

Denard Robinson and Tate Forcier both saw time against the Badgers last season in a loss at Camp Randall. It didn't show in last year's game, but both have the ability to exploit Wisconsin in different ways.

Don't forget, tonight the Badgers take on North Dakota in basketball at 7 PM at the Kohl Center. The game will be televised live at, which can be accessed through your computer or your Xbox 360. Some of you might not be able to access ESPN3 because of your internet provider, to which I say "Sorry that sucks man." But let me note that you should try ESPN3 on your Xbox 360 if you get a chance; the picture's quality is actually fairly impressive.