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Badger Bits: Power football paying dividends for UW, Iowa, MSU

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You can keep the spread offense, Terrelle. We'll take the win.
You can keep the spread offense, Terrelle. We'll take the win.

When it comes to offensive attacks, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Iowa are not interested in the spread. They have no use for the pistol or the flexbone. What they are interested in is old-fashioned, smash mouth football. Two tight ends and one fullback. And so far, power football has been winning games for these three teams. Consider just this past weekend when Iowa and Wisconsin both took down Big Ten blueblood football programs who run the spread (Iowa over Michigan, Wisconsin over Ohio State). Michigan State is the only remaining undefeated Big Ten team left. In the first battle of power offenses this season, Michigan State took down Wisconsin in a game where the teams combined for 340 rushing yards. Tight ends and fullbacks also brought 113 receiving yards and 2 TDs to the table. Sure sounds like power football to me.

Battle number two featuring the Big Ten's top power offenses is this weekend, with the Badgers heading to Iowa City to take on the Iowa Hawkeyes. Battle number three takes place a week from Saturday, when Michigan State goes to Iowa as Wisconsin is basking in their bye week. It's likely that these three games will each be important to determining who wins the Big Ten title. An Iowa sweep in the next two weeks puts them in the driver's seat. If Michigan State steals one at Kinnick, they have the upper hand. Or maybe Wisconsin takes down Iowa and Iowa then beats the Spartans, which is where things get really sticky. Whatever happens, I'm going to enjoy watching these three teams face off these next two weeks. No bells and whistles, no sexy formations, just smash mouth football.

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Iowa fans are most scared of our offensive line, thanks to its bigness and beefiness. In the interest of full disclosure, that's what I would vote for if I didn't have them on my side.

The win over Ohio State continues to impress our recruiting targets in Ohio. Wide receiver A.J. Jordan picks Wisconsin over Michigan, and that's three recruits from Ohio who have committed to UW since Saturday!

Jay Valai doesn't regret de-committing from Iowa. And hold the phone, did Iowa students really rush the field after beating the 2008 edition of the Badgers???

Wisconsin's offense will have to shake past woes against an always stout Hawkeye defense if they want to come up with a Saturday victory.

Michael Hunt of the Journal-Sentinel has a good column up on how Bret Bielema isn't always fully accepted by Wisconsin's fanbase despite compiling a 44-15 record so far.

David Gilreath has gone through a lot in this career, and his first career kickoff return touchdown couldn't have come at a better time.

Long snapper Kyle Wojta isn't going to let a torn ACL get in the way of playing.

In the last five years, Wisconsin is tied with Michigan for the best winning percentage when playing the role of underdog.

Freshman Manasseh Garner is pulling triple duty for the Badgers. Wide receiver. Defensive end. Most importantly, special teams stud.