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Badger Bits: How will the BCS rankings affect the Badgers?

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John Clay: "Excuse me fellas, but I have reservations for 6 in that end zone there." (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
John Clay: "Excuse me fellas, but I have reservations for 6 in that end zone there." (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Everyone have a good weekend? I heard there was some ruckus going on at Camp Randall. Seriously though, Badger Bits are jammed full today. It's kinda that same feeling you get when thousands of people are pushing downward trying to rush the field. Anyway, here are your Badger Bits for Monday, October 18th!

After the game I exited Camp Randall hoarse, jubilant, and exhausted. As I sat on my couch trying to comprehend the magnitude of Saturday's game, a thought sprang to me: "Well crap. What happens with the BCS rankings now?" As you might have seen yesterday on the front page, the first BCS standings were released last night, and Wisconsin checks in at #13. This differs a little from both the AP and Coaches poll, where Wisconsin is listed at #10 and #11, respectively.

The question that follows is: "Why is there a discrepancy between the BCS and the AP/Coaches? And more importantly, how will a difference between the BCS rankings and the AP/Coaches affect the Badgers' post season?" Answers to those questions range from "Computers in a far a way place determine who is the best in the nation" to "BCS executives hide in a room and laugh to themselves while they crush the dreams of football teams."

Actually, it's probably the first one. Definitely. But what about the effects on the Badgers' post-season plans? Will the BCS rankings prevent them from reaching a prestigious bowl game? Or is it too early to worry about Wisconsin's spot in the polls? Be sure to vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments!


In case you had forgotten, Wisconsin beat Ohio State 31-18 on Saturday. (Woo!) There's a lot of post-game reaction available; including Mike Lucas' Badger Rewind on, Tom Mulhern's post game article on, Jeff Potrykus' take at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, and Hillary of Off Tackle Empire's musing about if the game actually happened.

Michael Hunt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel thinks that Wisconsin's win was all substance- no trickery necessary. Tom Oates of says that Bucky pulled off their first complete game of the season.

Tom Mulhern also writes that Wisconsin was successful because they were able to pressure OSU quarterback Terrelle Pryor, and contain him when he decides to blow up a play and scramble for a first down. Wisconsin was also able to defeat one of their demons that have haunted previous seasons.

There's also a ton of post-game interviews available, including two by's Adam Rittenberg featuring J.J. Watt and James White. also has a jumble of different players, including Blake Sorensen and Nick Toon.

Despite missing time during the OSU game, tight end Lance Kendricks, Nick Toon, and defensive tackle Jordan Kohout are expected to play against Iowa next Saturday.

Here's the video from ESPN's road trip to the Wisconsin vs. Ohio State game. Not going to lie, the pancakes they show at Mickey's diner make me hungry every time.

Men's Hockey

Believe it or not, but there were actually non-football related activities going on this weekend. The Badgers swept the University of Alabama-Huntsville Chargers, taking the first game 7-0, and Sunday's matinee 5-2 behind Jordy Murray's hat trick.

Murray's hat trick was the first for the Badgers since December 4th, when eventual Hobey Baker winner Blake Geoffrion helped bring down Michigan Tech. On an interesting note, Geoffrion's younger brother Brice got some ice time for UA-H, registering a shot on goal.

In conclusion

Finally, here's some great footage from Todd Milewski of featuring Badger fans storming the field after defeating Ohio State on Saturday. Warning: Video contains some mature language.