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Badger Bits: Something has to give

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Yay for Friday linkage! Hopefully these will tide you over from now until tomorrow's big game.

Tom Mulhern writes at that the Wisconsin Badgers have found themselves lacking when it comes to long plays. For example, in last year's game against OSU in Columbus, the Badgers had only play that went for more than 19 yards despite holding the ball for almost 43 minutes.

Not that it's necessarily a bad thing in Wisconsin's "Grind-it-out" offense, seeing as the Badgers averaged 31.8 points per game last year and are getting 37.2 this year, good enough for third in the Big Ten. However, Wisconsin may need to come up with some long plays on Saturday if they hope to topple #1 Ohio State. The Buckeyes have been, how you say, really good on defense this year: they allow only 13.5 points per game and allow just 237 yards on average.

Throw in the fact that Wisconsin is 25 for 28 in night games, and Ohio State plays almost as well on the road as it does at home, and the feeling sets in that something will have to give on Saturday.

More Badger Bits after the jump!

Did anyone here ask for more Badger links? If you did: Great! If you didn't: Too bad. Here they are anyway!

You can catch Bret Bielema's post-practice interview on by clicking here. Bielema gives some news about Chris Borland's recent surgery, as well as some pre-OSU notes.

Dave Heller of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes that Ohio State Quarterback Terrelle Pryor might not have improved as much as he's being credited for. We'll certainly find out tomorrow.

Wisconsin safety Aaron Henry is settling into his new position after making the switch in camp, according to Jeff Potrykus. did 5 good minutes with J.J. Watt, who is awesome. Just in case you had forgotten.

By the way, there is something non-football related happening on Saturday. The UW Men's Basketball team will be having their scrimmage at the Field House at 2:30 PM, and several recruits will be attending as well.

The Wisconsin men's hockey team has it's home opener tonight at 7 PM at the Kohl Center against Alabama-Huntsville. Here's what Tex Western of Sixty Minutes. No Alibis. No Regrets. wants to see during the two game set.

Well, here we are. The biggest game of the year so far kicks off at 6 PM on ESPN, be there or be square. And if you're a student like me, I personally implore you to get to the game before kickoff. Seriously. If you can't spare enough time for your team's biggest game of the year, give your tickets to someone who cares.

Ok, off the soapbox. Be sure to keep it here at Bucky's 5th Quarter for predictions, game threads, and post-game reaction.

1 day till judgment day.