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Badger Bits: Why can't Wisconsin get no respect?

You know that Southwest Airlines commercial where they ask, "Why do they hate your bags?"

That's how some Badgers fans feel about Wisconsin right now. Why do they hate the Badgers so much?

Of course the "they" is the voters in the AP Top 25. Wisconsin is only one of two undefeated teams to have zero votes in the AP poll this week. The other team is Indiana. Ouch.

In my mind, Wisconsin is not one of the best 25 teams in the FBS right now. But after a 3-0 start with decent wins over Northern Illinois and Fresno State, not one of the voters thinks UW is at least No. 25? Not even the crazy guy from The Cleveland Plain Dealer who put Cincinnati and Houston in his top five?

Maybe he thinks he was ranking the Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans because of their big wins Sunday. In which case, he would think the Badgers were really the Packers, who lost to the Bengals. I think that makes sense. Well at least more sense than actually putting the Bearcats and the Cougars in the top five.

Doug Lesmerises is the writer and he claims his poll is based on what he has seen on the field, not on previous polls, conference affiliation, e.t.c. While his poll still seems pretty absurd, his voting philosophies are actually very respectable. And based on what he and I have seen on the field, Wisconsin is not a Top 25 team.

The University of Michigan is banning bags from Michigan Stadium Saturday because of recent terror threats across the United States. Sources say they are actually afraid that someone might smuggle in the real Michigan football team.

Don't worry, I have a feeling that team won't show up until next week when the Wolverines face Michigan State.

The Georgia athletic board endorsed a contract that will keep the annual "World's Largest Cocktail Party" between Georgia and Florida in Jacksonville, Fla. through 2016. The residents of Jacksonville continue to be confused, however, because 98 percent of the population has never been to an actual cocktail party.

The College Football Hall of Fame is moving to Atlanta in 2011 because of a lack of visitors to its current location in South Bend, Ind. Hats off to the NCAA -- at least one sport figured it out. The major Hall-of-Fames are located in towns like Canton, Ohio, Cooperstown, N.Y. and Springfield, Mass. Those aren't exactly places you go on vacation.

Of course, neither is Atlanta.

And no, I didn't forget about the NHL Hall-of-Fame. It's located in Canada. It doesn't even count. 

Finally, Oregon head coach Chip Kelly sent a $439 check to a fan who demanded a refund after the Ducks' embarassing season-opening loss at Boise State which ended with RB LeGarrette Blount being suspended for the season.

Meanwhile, in Madison, Wis., the UW Athletic Deparment is still counting the money they stole from 78,253 fans who watched the Badgers fumble six times against Wofford last Saturday.