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Follow B5Q live from Camp Randall Stadium Saturday on your computer or mobile device!

I am happy to announce today that Bucky's 5th Quarter is fully credentialized and will be covering the 2009 season LIVE from the press box at Camp Randall Stadium.

SBNation already provides the most unique way to follow and contribute to the live coverage of your team's sporting events with its LIVE GAME THREADS. These will continue for every football game this season. However, Bucky's 5th Quarter will now have the ability to go beyond the game thread with live updates from Camp Randall Stadium before, during and after the game.

If you can't make it out to Camp Randall Stadium then you need to have your computer next to you as you watch the game on TV. You have the ability to contribute to the live game thread, while also receiving all the updates straight from the press box.

But EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, if you are at the game or at a bar watching the game, you can access Bucky's 5th Quarter right on your mobile phone! With mobile commenting, you can contribute to the live game thread right from your seat inside the stadium!

Don't you hate when you are at the game and a play gets reviewed? You can't see a replay! Well, we can see it clearly in the press box and so can all the fans sitting at home on their couches. Stay logged on to Bucky's 5th Quarter while you are AT THE GAME and you will get all the updates.

Follow us on Twitter and you can get texts sent right to your phone during the game!!

Here's what you can expect from us the rest of the week:

Thursday: The 5th Quarter Radio Show at 8 PM CT with Adam Hoge and Eric Levine. We'll preview Saturday's game with Mike Breese from Red and Black Attack and give our predictions for the game. SPOILER ALERT: Eric might be going with the Huskies!

Friday: The site's official prediction will be released in our game preview.

Saturday: Our LIVE GAME THREAD opens three hours before kick-off with live updates from Camp Randall Stadium starting at 4 PM. Follow us all night from your computer or mobile device!!

Sunday: Replay and React - We'll review the game and hand out our weekly awards.