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Badger Bits: How Taylor's withdrawal from UW might hurt Northwestern

For the last two years, all the talk about Wisconsin's 2010 recruiting class has been about Eau Claire's Evan Anderson and Madison's Vander Blue. But going almost unnoticed has been 6-4, 195 lb. senior guard Josh Gasser from Port Washington.

Badger fans might want to get to know him, because he may very well be a Badger next season. Freshman Diamond Tayor's withdrawal from the University of Wisconsin has left the door wide open for Gasser to join the team in 2010.

As Teddy Greenstein from the Chicago Tribune reports, Gasser has been a priority for the Northwestern Wildcats, who appeared to have the best offer for the senior guard. His only other full-scholarship offers were from Northern Iowa and Creighton.

But Wisconsin has jumped in the mix since Cameron Wright committed to Pittsburgh last month. Bo Ryan offered a "4-for-5" scholarship last month, which means Gasser would walk-on as a freshman but have a full-ride for his final four years.

That offer changed to a full scholarship this week when Taylor left the program.

"Some kids [in Wisconsin] would just commit on the spot," Gasser told the Chicago Tribune. "But I wouldn't do that. I have good options with Northwestern and the other schools. I'll decide fairly soon, within a couple of weeks."

Twitter hits the Beltline

For those who don't believe that Twitter is taking over the world, maybe you should take a drive on the Beltline during Saturday's game against Wofford.

The UW Athletic Department will be tweeting LIVE on this digital billboard on the Beltline.

Seriously, someone needs to shut this Twitter thing down!

(Oh, by the way. As always, you can follow us on Twitter during Saturday's game. We don't have a fancy billboard on the Beltline but you can still get updates all day long on your mobile phone!)

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