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Badger Bits: FCS ain't goin' nowhere

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As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, the FCS opponents that have become commonplace at Camp Randall Stadium appear to be here to stay, according to UW officials.

Now, it is a good sign that John Chadima & co. want a tougher schedule, in terms of bringing in non-conference BCS talent. We haven't seen that at Camp Randall since September 1, 2007 when Washington State came to town, and really the last stretch of competitive BCS opponents was the 02-03 home-and-home with West Virginia.

In terms of the FCS opponents, it's difficult to blame Wisconsin on that end because everyone does it. It simply is the system that calls for it, and until the NCAA refuses to recognize games between FBS and FCS as part of the 12 required games, it won't stop, and there is no way the NCAA will ever do this. Get comfortable with Wofford, South Dakota, Swarthmore once they add a football team, University of get the idea.

Anyways, more from the beats:

Pittsburgh football prospect commits to UW

Ever heard of Manasseh Garner? He's a tight end/h-back/outside linebacker who orally committed to play ball for Bret Bielema in 2010. He's from Pittsburgh. He has the same name as the first son of Joseph and Asenath.

Lineman Konz adjusts to all roles

While the ESPN announcing team struggled with getting a few names right (Gilreath becoming Gilbrith at various points etc.) they did get Peter Konz right, when he stepped in as the third string center early in Saturday's 34-31 overtime win against Fresno State. He's a redshirt freshman, and Tom Mulhern has more on him.

Cornerbacks split shifts - JSOnline

More about the corners.

Blog: Lee absent for first UW hockey workout

Andy Baggot has his first update from preseason workouts in what promises to be an eventful 2009-2010 hockey season. Incoming freshman center Derek Lee was absent from the workout, as a result of paperwork issues.

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