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Carter, Pleasant fight back at Bielema

Wow. We almost never see this at the college level, especially at Wisconsin, but Shane Carter and Aubrey Pleasant intend to fight the indefinite suspensions handed out by Bret Bielema Saturday.

Bielema declined to specify why the two senior safeties were suspended and it appears neither violated the student-athlete discipline policy because previous violations have been announced by the university.

Garner Pleasant, the father of Aubrey Pleasant, vows to fight back, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"I hate to say this, but you just can't treat people any old way. I think that is what he (Bielema) is used to doing. Maybe this is how they do things at Iowa. And I hate to say that . . . but I hope the guy comes to his senses. Lawyers have been contacted, and we just want the kids' names cleared."

Lawyers, hearings, no answers and Bret Bielema in the middle. Not exactly a good start for a team trying to improve its "chemistry" this season.