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Big Ten Media Days: Day 1

CHICAGO - 6:05 AM - I am fresh off an overnight shift at 670 The Score here in Chicago so while most people are just waking up to attend Big Ten Media Days, I am about to get a little nap in before I head right back downtown for the festivities.

Just a reminder that I will be blogging LIVE from Big Ten Media Days over the next two days. Today we get a chance to attend press conferences for all 11 Big Ten head coaches. Bret Bielema is scheduled to talk from 10:30-45 AM CT. You can catch all the press conferences live on the Big Ten Network.

I will have updates all day long, hopefully including some information you won't be able to catch on BTN, because Bielema usually chats with the Madison local media later in the afternoon.

If you have any questions or burning issues you would like to see covered in the next two days, please leave your comments here and I will get the answers.

9:45 AM - Ohio State has been selected as the preseason favorite to win the Big Ten this year by the media attending Big Ten Media Days. Penn State was picked to finish second, while Michigan State was picked to finish third. Only the top three schools are announced.

Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor was named the Preseason Offensive Player of the Year and Michigan State linebacker Greg Jones was named the Preseason Defensive Player of the Year.

For the record, I voted for Ohio State, Penn State and Illinois in that order. Penn State running back Evan Royster was my Offensive POY and Northwestern defensive end Corey Wooten was my Defensive POY.

10:45 AM - Bret Bielema just got off the podium. There was no major news, but he did mention that he thinks the UW-Hawaii game will be the last regular season game in all of college football. Because there are other games being played that day, Badger fans should brace for a really late kickoff Dec. 5.

When asked which Big Ten stadium was the toughest to play in he said, "I'm a little biased but I would say Camp Randall." He went on to say that when you win a game at Penn State, they turn off the hot water in the visiting locker room. The comment was made in jest, but he it sounded like he was serious. He added that if Penn State wins, you get hot water.

More from Bielema's press conference to come.

11:40 AM - Minnesota head coach Tim Brewster just got done bragging about his home-and-home series against USC that starts in 2010. Bret Bielema, meanwhile, did not brag about facing Wofford this season.

1:04 PM - Joe Paterno had some strong comments regarding the NCAA vacating some of Bobby Bowden's wins. He strongly opposed the NCAA's decision to do so, saying:

"Bobby is a good friend of mine and I think it's ridiculous the NCAA would take wins away from him ... It bothers me that the NCAA would use him almost as a scapegoat for some of the things that went on at Florida State."

Also, he referred to Twitter as "Tweedle-dee". Just another classic comment from Paterno during Big Ten Media Days.

1:26 PM - The ridiculous amount of "SEC vs. Big Ten" questions have now extended into the Big Ten Network Q&A with BTN President Mark Silverman. Just give it a rest already!

1:41 PM - Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany claims "only the Super Bowl and AFC and NFC Championship Games outrate the BCS [package of five games]."

So what? Do these guys realize that an NCAA Championship Game that came as a result of any kind of playoff would probably out-rate the AFC and NFC Championship Games and be the only thing to rival the Super Bowl? That's one game beating the NFL conference championships vs. a total of five games not beating the NFL conference championships.

I guess that's only my opinion, but does anyone disagree with me?

3:03 PM - With today's events completed, Rich Rodriguez and Jim Tressel just walked into the media room together to do a few live TV interviews (I'm assuming ESPN).  The two seem to be getting along quite well...