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Bucky's YouTube Series, Vol. XV

Thanks to BuckyNoSucky for this installment of Bucky's YouTube Series. This is a classic game winner from the 2007 basketball season when senior Kammron Taylor hit a game-winning 3-point shot with 3.9 seconds remaining on senior day.

There are three things I can remember from this game. 1) Michigan State should never have been in the game, 2) Rick Majerus was the TV analyst, which was bad, and 3) the ceremony for the seniors after the game was very well done, very emotional and Alando Tucker and Kammron Taylor deserved all the praise they got that day (cue Bo Ryan reminding me that Jason Chappell was also honored that day).

Here's the video, which is from a fan's perspective in the upperdeck, so after the jump I also included the ESPN footage from the game which includes a lot more than just Kam's shot.

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