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Alvarez: Series with Notre Dame a "possibility"

It's a match-up that Badger fans have been clamoring for for years. Quite frankly it's a match-up that makes way too much sense.

Tuesday, in an interview on WTSO-AM/1070, Barry Alvarez told host Mike Heller that he has had talks with Notre Dame about the possibility of a nonconference football series which would take place in a four year window between 2012-15.

A series between Notre Dame and Wisconsin seemed logical in 1990 when Barry Alvarez left the Irish to become the head coach at Wisconsin. It's hard to believe that 19 years later a series still hasn't come to form.

So why now? Alvarez said Notre Dame is looking to play Purdue less frequently (right now they play each other every year). Alvarez is looking to fill those spots on Notre Dame's schedule vacated by the Boilermakers.

Also in the interview:

  • Alvarez said: "I don't think there is a person in the Big Ten who wouldn't want to see a 12th team."
  • Football season ticket renewal is now up to 96 percent. It was at 94 percent last week.
  • Alvarez said he wants to play an eighth home game every three to four years. Bring on more FCS schools!
  • 18,100 tickets have been sold for the outdoor hockey game at Camp Randall Stadium next February. They are hoping for upwards of 40,000 fans, according to Alvarez.