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Three years ago today...

Wisconsin's men's hockey team won its sixth national title with a 2-1 win over Boston College at the Bradley Center.

The victory capped a season in which the Badgers displayed the nation's best goaltender, and utilized its go to forwards to perfection.

Since then, the men's hockey program has been a .500 squad.

With the Frozen Four getting underway tomorrow, it seems like an eternity since Wisconsin's last national championship.

What has gone wrong?

Two things. Inability to play with the lead, and lack of a go-to scorer. Andrew Joudrey and Jake Dowell were not elite top-liners, Kyle Turris was pushed around in the WCHA while leading Wisconsin as a freshman, and this season the Badgers' best scorer was a defenseman.

While Wisconsin came close last season to the Frozen Four, losing 3-2 in the Midwest Regional finals to North Dakota, the mediocrity displayed over the past three seasons is not what Badger fans should have to put up with from one of the nation's elite programs.

I saw that Adam put Mike Eaves above Bo Ryan and Mark Johnson on his hot seat meter. I agree with him in that sense, but Eaves has won a national title while Ryan has not been to the Final Four. I don't think its fair necessarily to say that with one more mediocre season that Eaves should be fired (nor will he be, I'm not really sure how bad a coach's teams have to be at Wisconsin for a firing to occur). I have a really tough time calling for a coach's head, especially one who has won a national championship in recent memory.

However, I do not necessarily think that the results of the past few seasons have set a good example for years to come of what to expect from Wisconsin hockey.

What have you seen that you would like changed within this program?