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Bucky's YouTube Series, Vol. IV

Most hockey fans know that former Badger Adam Burish is a high-energy guy who is no stranger to a good hockey brawl. But who knew he would go after a fellow Badger?

Monday night Burish hit former Badgers and Blackhawks teammate Rene Bourque with a cross check to the shoulder that broke his own stick. The hit came near the end of the Hawks 4-2 loss to the Flames in Game 3 of the playoffs. When Bourque skated across the ice to get revenge, Burish added a solid jab to the face. It's possible suspensions could follow.

Burish played with Bourque at Wisconsin for two years and then again with the Hawks for two seasons before Bourque moved on to the Flames this year.

And yes, I was wearing my Adam Burish Blackhawks jersey last night cheering wildly as this was going on (true story). Here's the video:

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