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Badger Bits: B5Q Off-season Contests

Since Wisconsin is the only Big Ten school not to have a baseball team, we are in full blown off-season mode here at Bucky's 5th Quarter. But there is still a lot to talk about, including spring football and which UW coaches are on the hot seat. You'll continue to get some great opinion pieces and our take on the biggest off-season news.

But here are a few other things we are up to this off-season:

Bucky's YouTube Series

Starting today, we are going to post some of the best YouTube videos that have a connection to the Wisconsin Badgers. AND WE WANT YOUR HELP. Post your best Wisconsin videos to the FanShots. If they are among the best, then we will post them to the front page. At the end of the off-season we will announce the Top 10 Wisconsin YouTube Videos.

It's easy. Any video that has a direct connection to the Wisconsin Badgers is eligible. It could be as obvious as Kammron Taylor's game-winner against Michigan State or it could be one of Adam Burish's many fights on the Blackhawks. Any former Badger players, coaches, fans are eligible. If you got a video with a Badger in it, then you can post it to the Fan Shots. Want more incentive to participate? Whoever posts the No. 1 video (as ranked in the Top 10 later this summer) will receive a $50 gift certificate to Bucky's Locker Room.

But that's not the only way to participate this summer...

Bucky's Best FanPosts Contest

Every two months we will give away a $25 gift certificate to Bucky's Locker Room to the best FanPost over that time period. So what's a good FanPost? Well, we want to hear your opinions, your ideas and your thoughts as we head into next season. We want to see interesting, entertaining and somewhat well written contributions to the FanPosts section of Bucky's 5th Quarter.

Check out some of our recent FanPosts. We had a great contribution from Stoa who let us know that P.J. Hill had been arrested and another from Looney_Bucky who thinks Bo Ryan needs to increase his recruiting efforts in Northern Illinois.

Really anything goes. But this is a good way to judge which ones are the best: Comments, comments and more comments. If your post is generating a lot of discussion, then your post is probably among the best.

We will announce our first winner June 1.

Tweet, Tweet! We're on Twitter

Bucky's 5th Quarter is finally on Twitter. You can follow us here. We've also posted our updates on the right sidebar.