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Live on Tape Delay: Michigan at Wisconsin

Final - 3.1.2009 1 2 Total
Michigan Wolverines 34 21 55
Wisconsin Badgers 32 28 60

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Unfortunately I had to work this afternoon during the game, which kept me away from the game thread. I was able to watch enough to know what was going on, but I had the DVR ready to watch when I got home. To make up for the lack of coverage this afternoon, I kept a running diary while watching the re-air.

1st Half

17:22 - 8-0 UW - I can't think of a better start. Trevon Hughes just got his second layup of the game already. He's very active, but I'm not drinkin' the Kool-Aid. I never drink the Trevon Kool-Aid. (Note: At this point when I was watching the game live, I was thinking, "He'll probably score 15 points, but turn the ball over four times and make me scream at the TV 10 times." He finished with 19 points and three turnovers, but since I never really got to watch the game, we'll see about the screaming part.

14:05 - 14-7 UW - Keaton Nankivil scores after getting himself wide open in the paint. It didn't take long for me to do my, "Crap! Why didn't he redshirt?" reaction. The over/under on those is three today, by the way.

13:26 - 16-9 UW - Joe Krabbenhoft just missed his 308th layup of the season, but Marcus Landry was there to dunk the miss. This missed layup was so bad that it almost looked like a pass off the backboard--but let's get real, what's more likely: a Krabbenhoft pass off the backboard or a Krabbenhoft missed layup? One happens three times a game, the other happens... well, never.

12:30 - 18-9 UW - Jon Leuer with the beautiful touch on the jump hook. FEED THE BIG GUY AND THIS IS AN EASY WIN! (Post-game Addition: Reading this over after the game, I realize that this was an overreation.)

9:30 - 22-14 UW - Jason Bohannon drives, steps back and hits the fade away jumper. Why doesn't he look to create his shot more? The idea that he is just a stand-still shooter is the biggest lie in the history of Wisconsin basketball. Have you seen his high school highlights? J-Bo was and still is a scorer, but the swing offense creates this idea that he can't create his own shot. Everyone talks about how Hughes is always forced to take the shot with the shot clock winding down, but I would love to see Bohannon get that chance more often.

6:42 - 24-17 UW - And there it is... the first, "What the heck was that Trevon?!?" scream at the TV. Honestly, 15 minutes into the game isn't bad. Might even be a new record.

5:00 - 26-20 UW - Nice lob pass from Jordan Taylor to Marcus Landry for the layup. I love the swagger on the freshman. That look he gave after he completed the pass rivaled "Blue Steel." That's right, I said it.

2:00 - 30-26 MICH - 16-2 run for the Wolverines after a Deshawn Sims layup. As Bo would say, "They aren't sticking to their rules." Turnovers are hurting too.

0:17 - 32-32 - Bohannon hits a three to tie the game. Two big threes by the Badgers at the end of the half. Hughes hit one 47 seconds earlier. (Post-game Addition: These were two big shots in the game. It could have been 34-26 at the half. Instead, Wisconsin seized some momentum going into the locker room.)

0.8 - 34-32 MICH - Manny Harris knocks down two free throws after Tim Jarmusz commits the silly foul to end the half. Bo is adamant that Harris wasn't in the act of shooting, but it looked like the right call to me.

Halftime - Love the shots from Henry Vilas Zoo. Penguins and Tigers. I don't get it, but I like it.

2nd Half

15:44 - 39-34 UW - Badgers are on a 7-0 run after a Hughes layup with the shot clock winding down. So much for wanting J-Bo in that situation, right? Hughes has five points in this half already and 14 in the game.

14:20 - 43-36 UW - Badgers are on an 11-2 run to start the half. Someone must have said something at halftime--this is a different team. Jon Leuer just had a beautiful turnaround jumper from about 11 feet away.

13:21- 45-36 UW - Leuer shows off his touch again. FEED THE BIG GUY!

12:11 - 45-36 UW -  OK, Leuer missed one. And Landry gets called for his third foul. And I remember when I was watching the game live, this is where the refs started calling a lot of little fouls. I never understand why they do that.

10:58 - 45-36 UW - See there's another one. Sims just got called for doing nothing. I don't get it.

10:19 - 45-36 UW - What the heck was that Trevon?!? (Last time I said that, Michigan went on a 16-2 run.)

10:00 - 45-39 UW - And right on cue, there's a three for Michigan.

9:05 - 45-41 UW - Oh wow, a dirty move from Manny Harris as he blows past Krabbenhoft for an easy layup. You've looked better Joe, like say, when you missed the layup in the first half.

7:59 - 47-41 UW - Marcus Landry hits the jumper while getting fouled. Wisconsin had not scored since Landry went to the bench with his third foul at 12:18. Free throw good. And add a drawn charge on the other end just seconds later. Landry coming up big at the right time... I know, weird right?

6:37 - 48-43 UW - Uhh oh. Gus just got excited... for a Joe Krabbenhoft rebound. Wow. Out of all the conferences this guy SHOULD be calling games for, he comes to the Big Ten where he has to force the patented freak out on a rebound. I love that he is doing games for BTN, but he's just not the same as he is on CBS.

3:45 - 52-50 UW - Sims is heating up. He just hit a ridiculous fade away jumper. Landry couldn't have blocked that shot with a paddle.

2:28 - 54-52 UW - Bohannon misses a wide open 3-pointer in the corner. And Krabbenhoft misses the front end of a 1-and-1. Why is J-Bo so inconsistent? Another 1-for-5 day from the behind the arc.

49.4 - 55-52 UW - WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT TREVON?!?!?!?!? A no look pass to Tim Jarmusz? To Jarmusz? In that situation? What was he gonna do with it even if he caught it? The Wolverines could have started a pool to pick which guy was going to get the block, have time to collect all the money and then go ahead and block the shot. Oh wait, jokes about Michigan basketball players gambling... too soon?

33.0 - 55-52 UW - Sims launches a three and misses. Probably not the shot you wanted if you are Michigan.

30.0 - 56-52 UW - Hughes misses another free throw. He just missed one on his last trip too. Sims bails him out again with another bad 3-point shot.

14.1 - 57-52 UW - Now Jarmusz goes 1 of 2 at the line. Thank goodness Michigan is jacking up bad shots.

13.3 - 57-52 UW - WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT TREVON?!?!? Wow, well that will fix Michigan's problem with jacking up bad shots. Hughes puts C.J. Lee on the free throw line by fouling him on the in-bounds pass. Really? Up five with 13 seconds left and you are guarding the in-bounds pass? Wow, just wow.... (by the way, that's the exact look Bo has on his face right now).

11.4 - 57-53 UW - Lee only makes one free throw. Seems to be a theme today...

11.4 - 58-53 UW - ...and Krabbenhoft makes 1 of 2.

0.00 - 60-55 UW - Lee makes a layup and Bohannon is fouled. He actually makes both free throws and that seals it.

20 seconds later - Gus reveals the Hampton "Winningest Play of the Game." Wow... it's the Krabbenhoft rebound he freaked out about at 6:37 mark. Love the Big Ten.

The Stats

Keaton Nankivil "Why didn't he red-shirt?" Thoughts: 1 (Over/under was three)

Trevon Hughes "What the heck was that Trevon?!?" Screams: 4 (But those two in the final minute could have cost Wisconsin the game. Sometimes I just don't understand what goes through his head.)

Krabbenhoft Missed Layups: 1

Goodbye note: In her post-game interview with Bo Ryan, Charissa Thompson said, "Good luck against Minnesota next week." The rest of us know the game is Wednesday and not next week. It's a huge one. We'll have all the coverage starting Monday.