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Badgers lose most predictable game ever

This will be a short recap today. Let's take a look back at my prediction:

Friday's quarterfinal against Ohio State is going to be a close game and it's probably going to be one in which the Badgers hold a late lead. Unfortunately they've given up those leads way too many times this season and they don't have the guy to go to when the rest of the team falls back on their heels.

My prediction: Ohio State 59, Wisconsin 57

OK, let's break it down. It was a close game. No team ever had a lead more than seven points. And it was the Badgers who had that seven point lead when Jason Bohannon hit a three with 6:03 left to give Wisconsin a 54-47 lead.

Late lead? Check.

And you can do the math from there. The Badgers had 54 points with six minutes to go and they finished with 57. They didn't hit a field goal after Bohannon knocked down that three. How predictable was that? In seven of Wisconsin's 12 losses, they have held a lead with under three minutes to go, including today.

Why have they lost of those games? Because they don't have a go-to guy. Like I said in my preview, it's Ohio State that has that guy. And it was Evan Turner who was able to hit the tough shot to win the game. Who did Wisconsin go to for the big shot? The Badgers went to Landry and Bohannon, both of whom missed open threes to tie the game.

By the way, the final score was 61-57, not 59-57, like I predicted. My bad.