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Badger Bits: Is Hughes UW's most indispensable player?

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If you missed it, Marquette was dealt a crushing blow last night that hurt more than their loss to UConn. Senior point guard Dominic James fractured his left foot and will miss the rest of his season, effectively ending his collegiate career.

It's a tough break for the Golden Eagles' top defensive player, who was just starting to click offensively. James considered entering the NBA Draft after each of the last two seasons, and now you have to wonder how badly this injury will affect his pro career.

Mike Lucas, UW's radio analyst, says James' injury is devastating for Marquette and he ponders the question: Who could the Badgers least afford to lose at this critical juncture in the season?

His answer: Trevon Hughes.

My first reaction was, "Oh, come on." But when you think about it, Hughes is almost the same player as James, except with a little less potential. Both play great defense and have excellent instincts to force turnovers, but both are streaky shooters who make questionable decisions with the ball at times.

Still, remember when Hughes didn't play against Davidson? They missed his ball handling and could have used better defensive pressure on Jason Richards.

Now, Wisconsin also beat Texas last year without Hughes, but I would argue that it was earlier in the season and the Badgers didn't rely on him as much. Plus, there's no question the rest of the team stepped up their play in that game better than they did against Davidson.

So while Hughes is arguably the most frustrating player on the team, could you imagine the defense with him? The coaching staff obviously has 100 percent faith in Jordan Taylor to handle the offense, but defensively, especially with Michael Flowers gone, Wisconsin would be a mess if they lost Hughes.

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