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LIVE GAME THREAD: Wisconsin Football Awards Show

Hello from the Kohl Center, where we are covering the first-ever Wisconsin Football Awards Show.  Mike Mahnke just introduced each member of the coaching staff.  Most of the coaches were accompanied by their wives.  All of the seniors also got individual introductions.  Jeff Stehle, Chris Maragos and O'Brien Schofield received particularly loud applause.

The evening is being emceed by Matt LePay and Mike Lucas, the Badgers' radio team.  Athletic Director Barry Alvarez just spoke about how much he is looking forward to Wisconsin's bowl matchup with Miami. 

Highlights have been playing all evening, both on the Kohl Center video board and on two screens set up by the north basket.

We'll be here all evening long, so follow along in the comments section and leave a few of your own.