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Behind the Mic: Are you scared? Two-game losing streak brings Pam Ward to Madison for Halloween

How's this for a halloween costume idea?:


I'm not sure if I'll ever forgive last year's Badger team for the four-game losing streak that resulted in Pam Ward basically becoming Wisconsin's full-time TV broadcaster. Here's to ending the current two-game losing streak and hopefully keeping Ward off of Wisconsin broadcasts for the rest of the season.

The good news? Next week's game at Indiana will be on the Big Ten Network. Also, Ward's partner, Ray Bentley has grown on me over the past two seasons. He actually knows his football, which is more than Chris Spielman and Bob Greise can say.

And speaking of Greise, he was given a one-game suspension for a comment he made about Juan Pablo Montoya during Saturday's Ohio State-Minnesota game.

During ESPN's broadcast of the Minnesota-Ohio State game Saturday, a graphic was shown listing the top five drivers in NASCAR's points race. Fellow analyst Chris Spielman asked where was Montoya, who is Colombian.

Griese replied he was "out having a taco."

He has twice apologized on air for the remark.

Montoya is declining to comment on Griese's suspension. He brushed off the remark Sunday, and said he'd never heard of Griese.


Greise can't even insult people accurately. Colombians are known for their coffee, Bob, not their tacos.

And if anyone actually wears a Pam Ward costume to Saturday's game, please send your photos to us or post them in the comments section.