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Badger Bits: Worst performance? Iowa or Joaquin Phoenix?

I must say that last night was pretty successful. Wisconsin cruised, the Blackhawks won, North Carolina beat Duke (always love watching Duke lose) and I got my ESPN Beat the Streak up to five games with Oklahoma and the USA soccer team winning.

And then there was this for a nightcap:

I've never seen anything like that. There are so many questions I have: Who the hell let this guy on stage to promote a movie? How did the guy even finish making the movie? You're really going for hip-hop music, Joaquin? Are you criminally insane? Are you high on crystal meth or just heroin? How many animals are living in your beard?

If you're wondering to yourself, "Hey he was a pretty good singer in Walk the Line, maybe he is talented enough to do hip-hop," first off, you're an idiot. Second, watch this:

I'm not sure what's funnier, him falling off the stage or the way he is jumping up and down at the start of the clip. It looks like a homeless person sneaked onto stage at a high school homecoming dance and started doing karaoke.

Anyway, a few thoughts on Wisconsin's 69-52 win over Iowa last night:
  • If only UW could have knocked down one more 3-pointer... my predicted score was 72-52.
  • I felt really bad for Jordan Taylor. I've never ever, in all the basketball games I've watched, seen a guy get called for three fouls where he never even touched the guy. Sure, you see phantom fouls every once in a while, but three in the same game? At least Jordan could laugh about it.
  • Congrats to Marcus Landry for reaching 1,000 career points.
  • On the list of huge turning points, Matt Gatens' technical foul on Marcus Landry at the end of the 1st half has to be up there. I downplay it a little bit because I think Wisconsin was in control of the game anyway, but the 7-point possession turned a 5-point UW lead into a 12-point lead and effectively ended the game. Kudos to Jason Bohannon for taking advantage of the situation by knocking down both free throws and hitting the three to end the half.
Finally, here are some links:
  • It looks like most of the Wisconsin papers got wrapped up in Landry reaching 1,000 points, but I personally thought the biggest story was the return of Trevon Hughes' offense. The junior scored 14 points and still kept up his stellar defensive play.
  • Here are the Big Ten Network's highlights of the game. Joe Krabbenhoft is scheduled to join Big Ten Tonight at 10 p.m. tonight.