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Badger Bits: Signing day hangover

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As usual, the day after Signing Day is "We Need An Early Signing Period" Day. Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune wrote a good article on that topic.

I agree with Teddy and it's not just because I hate seeing teams steal other teams' recruits. That part of it sucks, but we are talking about college education here. This has turned into a huge game where the recruits are loving the attention and not really thinking about how their college decision will affect the rest of their lives. College football got itself into this mess and now it has to do something about it.

I propose an NCAA computer recruiting system! We can call it the RCS!

OK, a few more recruiting links before we switch gears back to basketball:
  • So anyone who has ever been to a Badger football game knows it's common practice to make fun of the 10-year-old soda vendors that roam the stadium. Well here's one that will be playing football for Wisconsin.
  • Here's a pretty cool map of where UW's recruits came from, courtesy of
  • And in case you missed it, Mariah Dunham was dismissed from the UW women's basketball team yesterday.