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Badger Bits: Is this blog really causing UW to lose?

Superstitious? The UW men's basketball team has not won a game since the launch of Bucky's 5th Quarter.

The site launched Monday, Jan. 12, the day after Wisconsin lost at Purdue. That loss started a six-game losing streak that has yet to end.

Personally, I'm not superstitious enough (or arrogant enough) to think that this blog has anything to do with the Badgers struggles. (It actually has more to do with the fact that I graduated and no longer go to UW-Madison anymore. The four years I was there the football team and men's basketball team had the most wins over any 4-year period in each program's history.)

Okay, okay, it's all one big coincidence, but one that none of us are enjoying.

Bo: Losing streak like whole class failing a test
I just watched the Badger Sports Report and for the second time--the other time being after UW's loss at Northwestern Saturday--Bo Ryan brought up his role as a teacher when asked about how the losing streak is affecting him.

This is the main reason why Ryan is such a great coach. He is a teacher. He got into this business as a teacher at the high school level and continued to teach outside of basketball until he got the head coaching job at UW-Milwaukee. He told Matt Lepay on the BSR that this current streak is like a whole class "failing a U.S. History test." He said as a teacher, you can't just give up on the class, you have to work to get them to succeed.

The one thing you will always get at Wisconsin is that it's never been and never will be about Bo winning. It's about his players succeeding.

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1) Purdue

2) Penn State

3) Michigan State

4) Minnesota

5) Illinois

6) Northwestern

7) Ohio State

8) Michigan

9) Iowa

10) Wisconsin

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