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Badger Bits: Football is finally over edition

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Every year when the Super Bowl is over I always feel a sense of relief. ESPN can finally go back to covering relevant sports (college basketball) that get pushed aside during Super Bowl week for breakdown after breakdown of how Larry Fitzgerald will get open against the Steelers' secondary. The guy is tall, he can jump very high and he has great hands. I don't need Keyshawn Johnson to tell me that eight times a day.

No more Ed Werder field reports (the over/under was 10 yesterday and I think it went over), no more ex-football players breaking out into laugher on the air while 90 percent of America missed the joke, no more full page Super Bowl spreads in my Chicago Tribune when all I want is decent coverage of Sox Fest (which if you read the Tribune this weekend you would hardly even know that Sox Fest happened), and finally, no more Stuart Scott (at least for a couple days, right? Please?)

But yesterday's game was entirely entertaining and exciting. It had everything, including all the reasons why I think football is in a downward spiral (another roughing the passer penalty when the quarterback is running around like a madman and you still can't touch the guy) and all the reasons why I will never give up on the game (two amazing comebacks, including one that cemented Kurt Warner in the Hall-of-Fame).

Anyway, let's move on to college basketball, knowing that spring training is right around the corner. And if you are really that sad about football being over then you will probably be one of four people watching the Pro Bowl next week. Or you are the Tribune editor that made sure to tell readers that the NFL regular season is only 217 days away.

On to some links:
  • OK, pro football is over but that means that NCAA Signing Day is Wednesday. The Wisconsin State Journal has a good story on UW's only quarterback recruit.
  • Mike Lucas, UW's radio analyst and Cap Times columnist, has a great story on another Wisconsin basketball team that was struggling even more than this year's team. What did that team end up doing? They went all the way to the Final Four.
  • Even so, a JSOnline poll shows that most Badgers fans think this team will fall short of the NCAA Tournament. Hard to blame them.
  • Ben Worgull of answers some recruiting questions.
  • And for the record, this was my favorite Super Bowl commercial: