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5th Quarter Consensus: "That's what we call a winning streak"

First things first, name the movie:

"All right you guys let's listen up. We won a game yesterday. If we win one today, that's two in a row. We win one tomorrow, that's called a winning streak. It has happened before."

Your answer is embedded at the end of this post.

Now on to the game. It's that time of year where the cupboard runs dry of stories (trust me, I covered this team for three years). So this morning we have two feature stories on about Kevin Gullikson (here) and Tim Jarmusz (here). It appears Rob Schultz of The Cap Times and Tom Ziemer of the Wisconsin State Journal played "rock-paper-scissors" to decide who got which player. Tom ended up with the story on Gullikson so I'm assuming he won.

In all seriousness, both stories are pretty good. If you are wondering about the tattoo under Gullikson's arm, Tom tells us that it means "change" in Chinese. The story focuses on the senior walk-on's comeback from three drinking tickets, the last of which left him on the bench for most of the conference schedule a season ago. I've always liked Gullikson and I still believe that if he hadn't gotten the third drinking ticket he would have started over Keaton Nankivil this year.

(By the way, does anyone else ever think about Gullikson jamming out to Pink, singing "Why do I feel this good sober?")

As for the Jarmusz story, it pretty much just says that Badger fans who complain that Jarmusz plays too much don't know anything about basketball (which is true) and to shut up (which is also a good point). Obviously, Schultz doesn't actually write that, but read it and you'll understand. Look, this is Wisconsin basketball, guys like Jarmusz are going to play. If you don't like it, go root for UConn.


Ryan: Wisconsin 73, Iowa 56

The Badgers may have played their worst game of the year against the Hawkeyes in Iowa City. UW should be out for revenge Wednesday night. If Wisconsin shows up like it did against Illinois last week, this one will not be close.

Eric: Wisconsin 58, Iowa 44

Well Wisconsin's defense seems to have it together finally, and its first significant road win since at Michigan (Dec. 31) shows that things might not be as bad as some originally thought.

Adam: Wisconsin 72, Iowa 52

I'm going for the blowout. All Iowa does is shoot threes (they only made two 2-point field goals in their WIN against Northwestern) and what's a better tune up defensively than holding Penn State to 0-for-14 shooting from behind the arc. I expect Iowa to struggle offensively, while the Badgers make some shots at home. Look for Trevon Hughes to get his offensive "mojo" back.

OK, now your answer. Fast forward to 4:00: