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5th Quarter Consensus: The streak ends tonight

Reason No. 1 why Wisconsin will win tonight? I'll be back in the building. I only witnessed three home losses in my four-years at Wisconsin, so it's obvious that all Bucky needs is a little Hogey back in the KC.

OK, a better reason why Wisconsin will win tonight? Bo Ryan won't lose 3-straight home games. Of course no one thought Bo Ryan would lose six-straight games period.

Ryan Reszel's prediction:

Wisconsin 61, Illinois 57

I'm going with the law of averages here. Bo Ryan is not going to lose three consecutive home games. The Illini are 18-4, but have not been playing particularly stellar as of late. The first one to 60 wins this defensive battle.

My prediction:

Wisconsin 68, Illinois 61

What's more important, the unlikelihood of UW losing three straight at home or the fact that Illinois has lost three straight on the road? It looks like the Illini are a different team away from Assembly Hall and the Badgers gave Illinois a run for its money down in Champaign, Ill.

OK, I'm off to Madison. I'll end this losing streak by myself if I have to (although I'll let Hughes guard Demetri McCamey).