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WCHA expansion would water down competition

The WCHA voted last week to temporarily lift the moratorium on its expansion until the end of March. This would allow for one or two teams to enter play in the conference in the next few years. However, does the WCHA really benefit from this from a competition stance?

As it stands, WCHA teams only play five other teams four times throughout a season, while they play the other four just once. Adding a team or two to the conference simply lessens the amount of games played between current WCHA teams...which means we get to see less of CC and Denver and North Dakota etc. each season, while adding the likes of a Bemidji State to the docket.

Furthermore, by doing this the WCHA ruins rivalries. I mention Wisconsin already not getting to play North Dakota four times depending on the season...every time the Sioux have been in Madison the past few seasons the series have been fantastic. You're telling me these teams are always supposed to play two games in one season, have good end to end action all game...and that's it...and then we have to deal with going to Bemidji State instead of the Ralph?

And that's really my is this possibly good for competition? Sure it might help a struggling Bemidji State program...but what motive does the WCHA and its teams to allow one more program?