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Badger Bits: We're going streaking!

Remind me never to go away for a week. Could things get any worse?

Unfortunately, they can. And they probably will. Purdue's length creates a huge match-up problem for the Badgers and the Boilermakers come to the Kohl Center Tuesday night where they gave UW its only home-loss a season ago.

By the way, there are tickets available. Not really sure why, but it either has something to do with the losing streak or because Purdue returned some of its allotment.

Badger Nation's Big 10 Power Rankings will be posted at some point today. Here's how I voted:

1. Purdue
2. Michigan State
3. Illinois
4. Penn State
5. Minnesota
6. Michigan
7. Ohio State
8. Northwestern
9. Iowa
10. Wisconsin
11. Indiana

Yes, Wisconsin is No. 10. They are power rankings, and the Badgers are free falling.