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Badger Bits: Suspension for Krabby?

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There's been a lot of talk since Tuesday night over whether or not Joe Krabbenhoft's 1st half screen on Lewis Jackson was legal. The referees ruled it was, even though replays showed Krabbenhoft's forearm extend as contact was made. Jackson flew to the ground like a 55 pound 1st grader in recess and appeared to hit his head on the floor. (Sidenote: Did anyone else think it was nuts that he still played after that? Jackson's eyes looked like he had just done every drug possible. He played fine, but how did he not have a concussion?)

Anyway, I work part-time at the Big Ten Network and a lot of people were discussing the hit yesterday. It seemed like the consensus was that it was dirty and Jeff Washburn of the Lafayette Journal & Courier certainly agrees.

Take a look for yourself:

Here's my take on it: No doubt it was a foul. You can't extend your forearm like that. But was it dirty? In my opinion, it only looked dirty that because it happened to be Lewis Jackson who ran into the screen. He weighs 165 pounds sopping wet and just ran into one of the toughest players in the country. If he happened to get up right away then everyone would be saying, "Wow, great screen by Krabby."

Now guys like Washburn are writing: "There is absolutely no place in athletics at any level for the brutal, calculated forearm Krabbenhoft threw at Purdue freshman guard Lewis Jackson's head in Tuesday night's game in the Kohl Center."

Apparently Washburn has never seen the game of football. And by the way, Krabbenhoft didn't hit Jackson in the head. Jackson's head hit the floor. Look at the replay.

Washburn then goes on to say: "This comes on the heels of a dirty play Krabbenhoft leveled at Iowa's Matt Gatens in a game last week in Iowa City."

Hey Jeff, Gatens fouled Krabbenhoft on that play. He happened to get poked in the eye while committing the foul. Yeah, we should suspend Krabby for that one too.

It's Division-I college basketball. And it's Big Ten basketball. It's physical. Deal with it.

Anyway, a few more links:
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