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Badger Bits: Preparing for Iowa

Not too much going on in the world of Badger sports in the lead up to tomorrow evening's game basketball game at Iowa.

Benjamin Worgull gives his Big Ten power rankings on Badger will need an account to read Ben's interpretation of Big Ten play so far.

Matt Lepay has posted a blog listing the toughest places to play in the Big Ten. Matt leaves the Kohl Center off the list...judging by Wisconsin's performance at home as of late, I think that's a good move on his part.

Tom Ziemer takes a look at this week's Big Ten games. Can't wait for the Purdue/Minnesota game on Wednesday night. Tom also looks at Evan Anderson, an Eau Claire North center scheduled to join the Badgers for the 2010-2011 season.

And Todd Milewski shows that the Badger men's hockey team stayed at 16 in the poll, and he shows how he voted.

Predictions for Wisconsin's game at Iowa coming tomorrow...stay tuned.