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Badger Bits: CBI Edition

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I'm no longer making predictions for the fear of looking stupid. I was going to pick Iowa, and didn't because I didn't want to look openly biased against Wisconsin or anything. That stage is over with. But seriously, I think last night's game was the worst played/dullest close game I've ever seen. Even with Jordan Taylor hitting a 45 footer to send the game into overtime.

These are the recaps from the State Journal, the Capital Times, and the Journal Sentinel.

Tom Ziemer of the State Journal also provides additional thoughts on the loss.

Mark Stewart of the Journal Sentinel has Jordan Taylor regaining confidence.

Aaron Brenner of the Cap Times has reserve center David Palmer coming up big for Iowa.

Mike Lucas answers questions about Wisconsin's loss at Iowa in a conversational piece with Brenner.

Using the transitive property, Wisconsin beat the top team in the country last night. So at least one good thing happened for the Badger basketball program yesterday.

Dave Heller of the Journal Sentinel has Allen Langford being one of the top CBs in the Big Ten.

Andy Baggot of the State Journal has former Badger forward Robbie Earl being traded from the Toronto organization to Minnesota.