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Badger Bits: Brrring it Tubby

When the Badgers and Gophers tip off tonight at the Kohl Center, it will be a brisk -7 degrees outside in Madison, certainly fitting for a rivalry game between the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Inside, however, it will be hotter than ever between these two schools. After only a year, Tubby Smith has the Gophers winning and he also appears to be sealing the recruiting walls on the state of Minnesota. The only thing left to do? Beat Wisconsin.

  • The Star Tribune has a story this morning on how Tubby is stopping the Minnesota exodus to Wisconsin.
  • Meanwhile, my friend Rob Schultz at The Capital Times fires back with a profile on the "red-headed Minnesota kid" who right now appears to be the last Minnesota recruit on his way to Madison for a few years.
  • You may have heard that the Governors of Minnesota and Wisconsin are teaming together to work on the economy, but Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal says it's been "Minnesconsin" in sports for a while now.
  • What are the bad guys saying? The Daily Gopher and From the Barn both have more.
  • Finally, wondering where all Wisconsin's football recruits are coming from? Check this out.