Week 5: Wisconsin vs. Nebraska

Stats and Charts: Nebraska 30, Wisconsin 27

Normally, a 30-27 defeat on the road against a ranked opponent isn't something for a (non-National Championship-contending) team to hang its head too low about. Still, Wisconsin showed some...

Badger Bits: Unpacking Wisconsin's Week 5 Loss

After a dismal second half against Nebraska, there is no telling where Wisconsin will go with rest of the conference schedule to play. One thing is for certain: Swift improvement is needed.

Nebraska 30, Wisconsin 27: This One Hurts

The Badgers held a 17-point lead early in the second half, but they were unable to match the Huskers' ability to comeback and turn around a weak first half.

LIVE GAMETHREAD: Wisconsin vs. No. 22 Nebraska

NCAA Football Wisconsin at No. 22 Nebraska vs 3-1 (0-0 Big Ten, Leaders) 3-1 (Big Ten, Legends) Sept. 29, 2012 7:12 PM CT Memorial...

Bucky's Mudhole Stomp: Nebraska

Thank the good lord above that conference season is finally here. I for one believe coach BB when he claims it was one of the toughest non-conference slates the Badgers have faced in a while....

Fifth Quarter Consensus: Huskers Return The Favor


After last year's 48-17 beatdown, B5Q says Nebraska will get its revenge against Wisconsin on Saturday.

Gilbert Not Starting, Ball Cleared To Play


Bret Bielema says the defensive end will "be skipping rocks on the sideline with me" for his comments on Taylor Martinez.


Wisconsin vs. Nebraska Pixelated

Who's who? Maybe Adidas wants Saturday night to look like an Indiana-Texas Tech game.

Bucky. Nebraska. And the Fear.


Why Andrew Rosin has a hint of worry going into this Saturday's game.

7 Thoughts From The Other Side: Nebraska (Part 2)

Yes indeed, Corn Nation has not forgot what happened in Madison last year.

7 Thoughts From The Other Side: Nebraska (Part 1)

Through four weeks, Taylor Martinez has thrilled Corn Nation.

Badger Bits: Re-hyping Nebraska

The 2012 Wisconsin-Nebraska game may not be reaching the same levels of hype as the 2011 edition, but there is still plenty to be excited about.

Barry Alvarez Statement on Tom Osborne Retiring


Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne announced his retirement earlier Wednesday morning, and Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez has followed with a statement on Osborne this afternoon.

Linked Up: Previewing Nebraska With Corn Nation


SB Nation's Huskers blog provides several great pieces on the Badgers' opponent this weekend.

Wisconsin Badgers Game Day: Nebraska


A snapshot of Saturday's Week 5 matchup in Lincoln.

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