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EA Sports cancels next edition of NCAA football, evaluating series' future

The future of college football video gaming took a tremendous blow Thursday, as EA Sports announced it would no longer be publishing a 2014 version of its trademark game. The company continues to face lawsuits from student-athletes over the use of their likenesses, and EA also said it would be "evaluating our plan for the future of the franchise." Sure sounds ominous -- will you miss the game?

The folks who made Shelter made us an awesome graphic and want to give you free games


After reading our review of Shelter, the folks who made the game were touched by our common love of badgers and made a beautiful graphic showing their support for Wisconsin. Oh, and they also gave us five Steam codes to give away for anyone who wants a free copy of the game. Get 'em while they're hot: ER3GX-3LB6N-K82Q2 HWAEX-R9AZG-IEH0N VPJED-HIYV7-064CA 5XK7K-9MVYV-ADNTQ 45R5P-QY3NQ-IDV9D Damn right we're now best friends with a Swedish indie video game developer.

B5Q reviews a Swedish PC game about badgers

A Swedish studio made what may be the only badger-centric video game known to man, and we played it. It's awesome.

Replacements for the Badgers in NCAA Football 15

So the Big Ten isn't licencing its likeness. I'll tell you what to expect if negotiations with the Badgers break down.

New UW uniform elements in NCAA Football 14?

NCAA Football 14 updated its uniform selections this week, and some additional Wisconsin features could indicate new uniform possibilities for this season.

Keeping it Real with EA Sports: NCAA Football 14

Ratings, spreads and just how real does NCAA Football 14 get?

Top 10 NCAA 14 Wisconsin player ratings revealed

A receiver not modeled after Jared Abbrederis is the Badgers' top-rated player, while two running backs that are in no way representations of James White and Melvin Gordon are also both 86s and up.

Wisconsin rated 88 all-around in NCAA Football 14

Tradition Sports Online has been reporting critical news from the floor of E3: The complete ratings for every team in EA Sports' upcoming edition of its college football game. I imagine many of you have played in the past and will, perhaps, be shelling out another 60 bucks for this one. I know I will, because sadly, I'm a real adult with nothing better to do after work. Sigh.//Anyway, you'll see the Badgers are ranked an 88 overall, on offense and on defense. That's, uhh, easy to remember? Naturally, Alabama is a 99 in everything. The 15 top-rated players were also revealed earlier, with South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney unsurprisingly topping the list.

New NCAA Football 14 Dynasty Mode trailer: Recruiting looks awesome

EA will be announcing more details today regarding this year's edition of Dynasty Mode, and it looks like it'll be a significant upgrade. Recruiting is all in one place, it's point-based (no more time-consuming "phone calls" and such) and everything's streamlined in one place. There's also an RPG element to coaching, meaning you'll get bonuses when your coaches hit certain milestones in recruiting, within games and after hitting various school records. No word on how Tebow gets into this edition, though.


First Look: The NCAA Football 14 Cover with Denard Robinson


Obviously not Badgers-related, but I know many of you plan on picking this one up just like every other year. I know I sure will -- who else?

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