The Big Ten mascot GIF of your dreams


My goodness. This is, to me, 90 percent wonderful, 10 percent GOOFY AS HECK if you just watch the Nittany Lion, that damn Gopher and Brutus, in no particular order. The Boilermaker (do we call him that?) is also incredibly boring. Naturally, Bucky's just chillin' up front.

Watch This Watchlist: Jacob Pedersen, Mackey Award

CLICK TO EMBIGGEN. Watchlist watchlist blah blah blah. Same old story as yesterday. But in our lifelong quest to bring you all the Badgers news, here a few fun tidbits on Pedersen making the watch list for the nation's top tight end: It's his second consecutive season on the watchlist (he was a semifinalist for the actual award in 2011), he's the sixth UW tight end in seven years to make the list and he's one of seven Big Ten tight ends to make this year's list. So in the vein of yesterday's watchlist analysis, we'll end this by saying JACOB PEDERSEN WILL WIN THE MACKEY.

Watch This One, Too: James White, Maxwell Award

CLICK TO EMBIGGEN. We already did some legitimate watchlist expounding in reference to Chris Borland making the Bednarik Award watchlist, so we'll spare you that here. Again, JAMES WHITE WILL WIN THE MAXWELL and move on.

Watch This Watchlist: Chris Borland, Bednarik Award

CLICK TO EMBIGGEN. Chris Borland is a stud -- we know that. Yes, that is a link to the Borland leapslam. You should click it. We also know that he's most likely Wisconsin's most important defensive player. That's a weighty combo, and it's one that's landed the Badgers' senior linebacker on the Bednarik Award watchlist. The cutesy headline pun references the inherent silliness of these watchlists -- I think most of get that "watchlist listee" isn't an honor as much as it as an effort to get people talking about the award (this one's for college football's top defensive player) and fueling the good ol' hype matchine. Nothing wrong with that, of course -- let's just take these lists for what they are, insist CHRIS BORLAND WILL WIN THE BEDNARIK and move on.

Bret Bielema's reaction to Gordon Gee's "retirement" (how we imagine it)


This is courtesy of @LSUFreek. As far as we're concerned, Bielema doesn't really need to respond now that we have this.

Chris Borland is a freak, CBS Sports recognizes it


There was only a little college football scheduling news today, so what else do we have to occupy our wandering minds with? Arbitrary superlatives, of course. Bruce Feldman of laid out his 20 craziest athletes in college football, and it was equal parts surprising and sweet to see Borland listed 1) at all, and 2) in the top 10. This is the reputation of a Wisconsin athlete that's being acknowledged, after all. Thanks to Twitter follower @Ben_Bryan, this GIF returns to us from the bottomless pit of 2012 college football memories. Coincidentally, the 2013 season starts in exactly 100 days.

Wisconsin's B1G Championship rings are sweet


A few different pics made the rounds today, and you can find most of them under some variant of #B1GChamps. The top is pretty standard championship ring fare, with the team logo surrounded by that regular but still awesome championship font. The left side features the always brilliant Rose Bowl logo, and the right has each player or coach's name with the number of Big Ten Championship trophies he's won. Pretty cool bit of personalization there. (This pic courtesy of @DerekWatt34)

Logo No. 2 is the official College Football Playoff logo


There we have it - the vertical football logo is the official one of the new College Football Playoff. That jibes with our informal poll, which had 34% of B5Q readers favoring what EDSBS tabbed the "Football Eye of Sauron."

First Look: The NCAA Football 14 Cover with Denard Robinson


Obviously not Badgers-related, but I know many of you plan on picking this one up just like every other year. I know I sure will -- who else?

Dear Iowa, Beau Allen is the USA Guy the Big Ten can believe in. Nuts to the Ricky Stanzi. The...


Dear Iowa, Beau Allen is the USA Guy the Big Ten can believe in. Nuts to the Ricky Stanzi. The Badgers win again. Your Pal, Andrew Rosin

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