Watch News8000's great HS football season preview


If you're into Wisconsin high school sports, this hourlong video preview from News 8 in La Crosse will get you pretty jazzed up. It'll also get you pretty well-informed. A win-win.

Wisconsin to play UAB at Battle 4 Atlantis


The bracket for the 2014 Battle 4 Atlantis tournament was released Tuesday morning, slotting Wisconsin against UAB in the first round. The tournament will be played Nov. 26-28 at Paradise Island, Bahamas. Other teams included in the tournament are Florida, Georgetown, UCLA, Oklahoma, Gonzaga and North Carolina. The Badgers' other non-conference opponents currently scheduled are Duke (Dec. 3 in Madison), Marquette (Dec. 6 at Milwaukee), UW-Milwaukee (Dec. 10 at Milwaukee) and California (Dec. 22 at Cal).

Luke Winn's Sweet 16 rankings have the Badgers 7th


Or perhaps more accurately, Winn has Wisconsin has the seventh-most likely Sweet 16 team to win the national championship. This table is an interesting look at the teams that excel in both halfcourt and transition defense. Of all the Sweet 16 teams that don't apply full-court pressure, the Badgers have the smallest drop-off.

USA lost, but at least Meghan Duggan scored


Former Wisconsin Badger Meghan Duggan entered Thursday's gold-medal game vs. Canada goalless, but now she can say she was just saving it for the right time. This snipe put the Americans up 1-0 on Canada in the second period, surely making @NicoleHaase jump with joy. Be sure to watch the remainder of the game on NBC. GIF via Deadspin.

Bret Bielema falls down speed skating


Thank you, cuppycup. Thank you. He writes for our Texas A&M site, Good Bull Hunting, but you'll still want to follow him. And check out GBH for more brilliance.

Jessie Vetter will have real gold on her mask in Sochi


Former Badger Jessie Vetter is one of the best women's goaltenders in the world, and she'll suit up once again for the United States at the upcoming Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Apparently, Vetter will be rocking a goalie mask with real gold paint on it as well. Pretty cool if you ask me. Photo via @InGoalMedia on Twitter.

Series Facts


Fun fact for today with the Battle for the Axe coming up this weekend. We haven't had a lead in the series since 1908. Yep, 1908. In 1922 we managed to get the series close to even (within 2 games) but just couldn't get over the hump, tying the next three games before Minnesota went on a tear during their glory years (you may have heard Gopher fans reminisce about national championships they earned around the time their grandparents were born). Over the next two and a half decades, they ballooned their series lead to it's max: 18 games. After 45 years of back and forth, we've been steadily erasing that lead since 1995. I feel confident heading into this weekend, but that's not good enough. Ten in a row isn't enough for me. We need to make it 11 in a row to get back to even with this series. So come on Bucky. Don't let me down. Another win. Another year closer to taking back the series lead. Ancillary fact: Scoring throughout the series has been remarkably even. The Gophers lead all time with 2100 points to our 2076. One hundred and twenty two meetings (122!) and the total score differential is 24 points. That's crazy.

Wisconsin women's hockey's third jersey


The Wisconsin women's hockey team will unveil these beautiful threads this weekend in Vail, Colo., when it faces off against Northeastern and Boston University.



I love the lack of attention that Illinois gets over the last few years. Even though they always seem to play up to Wisconsin and the game is in their house, I can tell that no one cares a lick about Illinois. One article so far this week, and we're all perfectly happy to argue argue about Kohl Center banners or reminisce over a game against OSU in 2010 over even thinking about Illinois. Meanwhile, there are actually more images of Badgers on the front page of The Champaign Room than than there are Illini, at least down through articles spanning back to the weekend. As a resident of Chicago working with more than a few Illini alumni, I take great joy in this.

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