NCAA Tournament 2014: B5Q Bracket Challenge standings entering Final Four

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

We're set for a fantastic finish in this year's B5Q Bracket Challenge.

Big ups to Mike's 100% Guaranteed Bracket, which currently leads the 2014 B5Q Bracket Challenge pool entering the Final Four. Mike has 42 correct picks for 91 points, and he has 155 possible points remaining. He got three of the Final Four correct, save Michigan State instead of UConn, and has his champion pick still alive in Kentucky which makes him ineligible.

The fun continues throughout the current top five, however. Patti's Pleasant Bracket and Milk Steak both have 44 correct picks for 84 points and 132 possible remaining. A sleeper lies below them, though, in Dibs on $1B. Though this bracket won't actually get that $1 billion, it has 147 possible points remaining, second-most in the pool behind Mike's 100% Guaranteed Bracket. Yet while Mike picked Kentucky, Dibs picked Wisconsin. With 43 correct picks and 83 points already under his or her belt, Dibs is in solid position to shake things up in the race for Ultimate Bragging Rights (and a free t-shirt -- read the update below!).

1 Mike Mike's 100% Guaranteed Bracket 42 91 155
2 Grant Versace Versace 44 86 102
3 Michael Michael's Majestic Bracket 39 85 101
4 Patti Patti's Pleasant Bracket 44 84 132
4 Dylan Deich Milk Steak 44 84 132
6 Dibs Dibs on $1B 43 83 147
6 BarcaBarcaAyeAye Screw you OSU 44 83 131
8 Brett GoingStreakingwithFranktheTank 42 82 146
8 Enbie Ess Enbie Ess 42 82 98
8 Matt Matt's Magnificent Bracket 41 82 146
11 Aron Hey WisconsinMake the Shot! 43 81 129
11 Ferd Schmendrick's Choice 42 81 129
11 John John's Unrivaled Bracket 42 81 129
11 Eric JumpShotFreeThrowz 41 81 129
15 Jim Jim's ONLY Bracket 43 80 128
15 Wade Wade's Amazing Bracket 40 80 128
17 Eric Bo Knows 42 79 127
17 Triscia Kellom Triscias Terrific Picks 40 79 143
17 JIM JIM's Pleasant Bracket 40 79 79
17 M M's Majestic Bracket 38 79 143
17 Ryan Ryan's Rad Bracket 41 79 127
17 Isaiah iWin 40 79 127
17 KurtH yeah right... 41 79 127
17 alex Alzalde's 42 79 127
17 Ben Vegas Badger 45 79 127

IMPORTANT T-SHIRT-RELATED REMINDER: One of the t-shirts below is up for grabs. The winner gets to pick his or her favorite, but only if they're registered on our Gameday Depot store. We're working on a few more designs that you'll hopefully enjoy in the near future.


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