Open Forum - Madness in March

So this site is really taking off. I've only been around for about 9 months as a regular, and even in that time I've been able to see the number of comments grow and general reader interaction skyrocket. Hell, we've even got our very own friendly bro-troll. And under the steady hands of Mike, Andy, Phil, and Andrew I only expect this to continue - the growth part, not necessarily the bro-troll part. (Keep up the good work guys!)

However, some have noted that with our growing numbers we can get kinda side tracked in the comments section of articles and wander around to all sorts of topics not related to the article itself. With just a few commenters that's no big deal, but now that we've got enough people stopping by regularly, it might be time to start a regular open forum fanpost. You may have seen something similar elsewhere, and we've even had one or two here for recruiting discussions. OTE uses them a lot actually, though they tend to use the fanshot feature instead of a fanpost. Ultimately that may be the better place for these, but for now a fanpost is more visible on the B5Q homepage and I don't expect we'll need a new one every single day like they do over at OTE so we're less likely to bury an excellent regular fanpost from you fine folks. To get started, I'm thinking once a month if it manages to stick around in the fanpost section that long. If this thing takes off, we'll do one more often!

So congrats, you're currently in the first officially unofficial open forum. There's no specific topic for discussion. It's a place to come share whatever's on your mind, and while I expect most of the talk will be Badger related I don't see any reason we can't branch off to other topics of interest.

Couple ground rules, though, and these should be pretty straightforward since it's basically the same for elsewhere on the site:

  1. Keep it relatively clean. Nobody here is blushing over a four letter word, but if every other word in your comment would need to be censored on the radio then it probably needs to be cleaned up before you hit "post."
  2. No attacks. We're not just user names and avatars. There's a real person on the other side of that internet connection, so treat them as such. In other words:
  3. Have some fun!

I'm envisioning this as a place where we can pick each other's brains on all things Badger related and share information, but also get to know each other better. Who knows, maybe we can give Mike, Andy, Phil, and Andrew a topic or two that would be good for full articles by them or one of the bevy of awesome staff writers here, too.

So dive in below!

FanPosts are user-created posts from the Bucky's 5th Quarter community. They reflect the opinions and views of that particular user, not that of the staff of Bucky's 5th Quarter nor the blog community as a whole.

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