You Rank 'Em - Round 2


We've escaped the slog of nonconference play undefeated, easily dispatched Northwestern to open B1G play, and finally got rolling after a slow start against Iowa to come away with a win last night. It's been a fun start to the season. The Badgers have been rewarded for this strong start, too. Currently 4th in the AP, 5th in the Coaches Poll, and sitting comfortably as the 3rd overall seed in Lunardi's latest bracketology. As such, I think it's about time to revisit the blind RPI again. (Also, it gives me something to do while the final BCS National Championship is airing.)

Now, all of the usual caveats apply. RPI isn't perfect, and it's especially not perfect without a whole bunch of data points. I've considered using BPI or kenpom, but I stuck with RPI because it still seems to be the go-to for the selection committee - and isn't tournament placement the ultimate use of any ranking system?

Below are the wins and losses for the current AP Top 10 (as of 1/6). These are the current RPI for each team that one of our Top 10 has faced so far this season (as of this evening, from ESPN). For ease of reading, I've broken the wins down into four groups: 1-25, 26-50, 51-100, and 101+. Hopefully this makes it easier to get a feel for teams at a glance; the more wins on the left side of the table the better. The layout looks a little different from last time thanks to some tips from hoegher - a fellow Badger fan and stat geek who's been laying out his own ranking system for football in fanposts over on OTE since before I started visiting the SBNation sites, so thanks hoegher.

Alright. Without any further ado:

Wins Losses
vs 1-25 vs 26-50 vs 51-100 vs 101+
Team 1 19 40 57, 61, 75 103, 114, 122, 128, 133, 164, 180, 213, 218, 233
Team 2 26, 47 62, 71, 97 108, 109, 111, 115, 132, 161, 181, 284, 341
Team 3 4, 22 43, 45 52, 70, 74, 93 124, 154, 201, 253, 323, 344
Team 4 8, 25 37 89, 94 108, 180, 190, 235, 316 3
Team 5 27, 48 53, 78, 81, 92 101, 106, 110, 112, 116, 200, 211, 273, 334
Team 6 7, 20 51, 69, 72, 98 116, 137, 149, 174, 255, 292, 317 3
Team 7 14, 20 35, 47 52, 60, 68, 92 108, 120, 147, 157, 173, 265, 276
Team 8 20 26 61, 71 122, 125, 140, 146, 170, 184, 205, 257
Team 9 16, 25 58, 74, 85 130, 142, 171, 175, 177, 200, 215, 255 38
Team 10 7 32 55, 73 123, 150, 179, 180, 200, 316, 342 1, 39

As usual, the teams will be listed in the comments below behind the spoiler blackout. Just hover your cursor over the blacked out text to see the list.

ALSO! I'd love to get some sort of fancy shmancy drag and drop "You Rank 'Em" thingamabob down here to let you all pick your own order for the Top 10, but that's not really an option (or perhaps my html-fu is not strong enough to kajigger one together in the html editor), so take a few minutes to pick out your top ten with the blind number above, translate into real team names, and toss them in the comments below! I know, that sounds like a lot of work, but what else are you doing today?

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