Connor Senger, walk-on Wisconsin quarterback, may be Russell Wilson reincarnate

Jonathan Daniel

Freshman Wisconsin walk-on quarterback Connor Senger lit up the WFCA all-star game Saturday, and drew comparisons to Russell Wilson in the process.

Connor Senger just did this ...

... during a the WFCA large-schools all-star game Saturday. He has already been dubbed "Young Russ" during Wisconsin's summer workouts for looking like, sounding like and playing like a certain Seahawks quarterback. Senger will be a true freshman walk-on this season, and he is your newest new favorite player.


"I was walking through the weight room one day," Senger explained, "and I heard a guy say: ‘Young Russ.' I just thought it was another guy and I turn around and it was Russell Wilson."

Senger's reaction: "Oh my God that's Russell Wilson."

The two quarterbacks chatted for a few minutes when Wilson took a long look at Senger.

"He steps back," Senger said, "and he said, ‘Wow, we really could be brothers."

Senger's rushing numbers from his 2012 season at Pius XI are outstanding -- 109 carries for 913 yards and 16 touchdowns -- and the passing number are decent enough. In seven games, he went 140-for-254 passing for 1,802 yards and 14 touchdowns to eight interceptions. On film, speed is evident (Senger qualified for state track in the 100-meter dash), but so is a high school-caliber arm. He apparently throws an excellent ball on the run, however, and with added strength through the course of Wisconsin's weight program, who knows?

Wisconsin has lined up a mighty train of dual-threat quarterbacks since Gary Andersen took over the program, from Tanner McEvoy in the class of 2013 to D.J. Gillins for 2014 and Austin Kafentzis for 2015. Senger will have a hard time ever seeing the field given that logjam, and the one of ahead of him as the Badgers wait out a lineage of pocket passers.

But that doesn't mean that Senger can't occupy a soft spot in your heart. He is the closest thing Wisconsin has to Russell Wilson reincarnate -- from a listed height between 5-foot-10 and 5-foot-11, to ridiculous work ethic and baseball acumen -- and that is incredibly exciting given Wilson's short time in Madison. Am I piling grossly unrealistic expectations on a walk-on quarterback with no clear path to playing time? You're goddamn right, but he has already won over current players, so allow me to be smitten.

Connor Senger, I hope you're the greatest.

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