What-If Playoff Bracket: 11/5

This is a fanshot I make over at OTE and I figured I'd bring it over to our crowd as well.

Some of you may be familiar with the Wetzel Plan, a playoff system devised/supported by columnist Dan Wetzel (though it admittedly closely resembles many NCAA tournament formats, including lower division football) to make for a true national championship, something more logical than the BCS and more representative of the college football landscape as a whole. I figured I'd use that basic idea to show what the playoff picture would look like this year and, in my opinion at least, how much more exciting this setup would be.

The format is pretty straightforward:
-16 teams (all 10 conference champions and 6 at-large selections)
-For simplicity, I choose the highest BCS-ranked teams that didn't project to win their conference for at-large spots
-I only allow for no more than 3 teams from a single conference.
-Once the teams are selected they are ranked from 1-16 and put into the playoff bracket. For simplicity I use BCS rankings when applicable and project the strength of the unranked teams
-I'm up for discussion on this, but I'm okay with first round matchups with teams from the same conference.
-The higher seed hosts first and second round games, and the semifinals and championship game are held at neutral sites

So, here is the field as of this week:

#1 Alabama (SEC Champion) [Last week: 1]
#2 Florida State (ACC Champion) [3]
#3 Oregon (Pac-12 Champion) [2]
#4 Ohio State (Big Ten Champion) [4]
#5 Stanford (At-large, Pac-12 #2) [5]
#6 Baylor (Big 12 Champion) [6]
#7 Clemson (At-large, ACC #2) [8]
#8 Missouri (At-large, SEC #2) [9]
#9 Auburn (At-large, SEC #3) [11]
#10 Oklahoma (At-large, Big 12 #2) [10]
#11 Miami (FL) (At-large, ACC #3) [7]
#12 Fresno State (Mountain West Champion) [12]
#13 Northern Illinois (MAC Champion) [13]
#14 Central Florida (AAC Champion) [14]
#15 Tulane (C-USA Champion) [DNQ]
#16 Louisiana-Lafayette (Sun Belt Champion) [16]

Bubble Teams:
South Carolina (7-2)
LSU (7-2)
Oklahoma State (7-1)
Texas A&M (7-2)
Michigan State (8-1)


This is the first bracket we've had where people might have an issue with the matchups, as SEC comrades Missouri and Auburn play each other in the first round and likely play SEC champ Alabama in the next. Personally I'm okay with it, but do people have an issue with same-conference matchups?

It's also worth noting that while Michigan State is the fifth bubble team available, if a non-SEC team drops out they are actually the 2nd team in line to jump in, as we only allow 3 teams from a given conference into the playoff.

Thoughts? Discuss!

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