Badger Bits: Oregon State pretty much hates Wisconsin

We've known Bielema to be superstitious when it comes to his game day apparel. Now Oregon State is accusing him of being paranoid.

The Beavers of Oregon State have found fault with nearly action Wisconsin has taken leading up to Saturday's matchup between the two teams in Corvallis. According to one Oregon St. beat writer, Wisconsin is a paranoid program. The Oregon State contingent is also bewildered that the Badgers requested a coffee pot for the coaches in the visitor's locker room from the hosts instead of procuring their own. Why do the Badgers need a coffee pot anyways? I thought Bielema stuck to downing 5-hour energy shots.

So yes, the Beavers consider the Badgers to be: greedy (UW wouldn't send game tape from week one), paranoid (UW won't disclose the location of the team hotel), and overburdening guests (UW is requiring usage of coffee pots). Oh, that beat writer also said that the Badgers 'don't travel much.' I'll let Norm Macdonald handle my reaction to that statement. Apparently the fact that Wisconsin is like pretty much every other AQ-conference program who has 7 home games and 5 away games every season doesn't sit right with Oregon State.

Supposedly this will be the biggest non-conference game ever played in Corvallis. It says a lot about the status of the Wisconsin program to be playing in a game with a distinction of that magnitude. Of course, the Badgers have had their share of road struggles under Bielema. But if Wisconsin picks up a win on Saturday, then I'm fine with Bielema wearing tin foil hats and espousing conspiracy theories in press conferences. Just keep winning games.

Friday Links:

Remember when Paul Chryst used to be the masterful architect of the Wisconsin offense? Now he's just the dope running Pittsburgh into the ground.

Redshirt freshman running back Melvin Gordon will try to force the coaching staff into putting him on the field. He was disappointed to not receive any carries against Northern Iowa.

The Big Ten as a whole hasn't done very well in road games against Pac-12 opponents in recent history.

Cornerback Devin Smith doesn't have fond memories of the Oregon State game last season.

And this is why more funding for studies focused on football's impact on the brain is a must. Such a sad story.

We'll end with another edition of The Camp, which takes an inside look at last week's Badger victory:


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